Federal Trojan Horse (2)

Since the last post about this topic there still only exist a draft law to allow the accomplishment of online searching by the German state.

Recently the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) – as ambassador of the German economy – alerted to allow this kind of online observation, because it involves a high risk to be misused by third parties. And this risk not only concerns private people. The DIHK warns that thereby company secrets are endangered and industrial espionage is assuaged.

Also the data protection commissioner of Germany doubts if the risks which are associated with the accreditation of online searching can be sufficiently controlled.

Finally, voices from different parties get louder which vote against the authorization of the German state to do online searching. When the final decision about this law will be made is not yet determined, but an interior committee of the German parliament will hear experts at the 15 of September this year.

Clemens Kurtenbach
S21sec labs

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  • Anónimo 10 September, 2008 a las 9:54 am Reply

    Perhaps if the horse were a rampant (or rampagnt, dunno for sure) then it can represent the deustch flag better

  • S21sec labs 10 September, 2008 a las 10:46 am Reply

    Maybe. I personally think it’s just because of design reasons, but to get the real answer you have to ask the CCC in Germany who made this horse.