Sigma21 es el centro de inteligencia contra ciberamenazas de S21sec, el núcleo donde confluyen las técnicas de protección más avanzadas. Las tres áreas de inteligencia y sus diferentes módulos (Advanced Cyberservices, Professional Services y SOC / CERT Services) son la evolución natural de nuestros servicios; desarrollados por experimentados profesionales con un único objetivo: ser la respuesta para la protección a empresas y usuarios.

Obtain all the information that is relevant to protect the security of your company. The Dataleak Detection service is the perfect match for businesses that have suffered data theft and botnet attacks,
Monitor, detect, protect and response against fraud attacks that are a threat for your company’swebsite. Get the most effective security tools before cybersquatting, phishing and pharming attacks.
S21sec puts advanced cybersecurity feeds at your fingertips. These feeds are obtained by the own research of the S21sec team, containing unique information about mule accounts, crime servers, and computers that have been infected. See the threats and choose the most appropriate measures to protect the company’s infrastructures and users.
S21sec has developed a proprietary next-gen technology for an automated analysis of the malware samples. The platform analyses thousands of malware samples every day as well as their impact on the customer.
Cyber Threat Alerts provides information on the new threats discovered by S21sec with a fully customized format for each company. Created by the best research team on the market.
Audit the company’s applications and detect vulnerabilities in source code to know the actual security level.
Evaluate your company’s security and find out its strength level with the S21sec’s Specialised Hacking service, an integral tool that makes possible a successful protection for businesses.
Inevitably, the constantly growing evolution and widespread use of the technology have lead to more notable signs of cybercrime. Accordingly, the compromise risk for your company’s activities has grown, too.
Today’s scenario needs a continuous evolution of the cybersecurity tools as a response to the existing threats
The S21sec’s training program is fully adapted to all profiles and the availability of the participants to provide customised training with skilled professionals of the industry.
The device monitoring service for security devices and critical systems allows you to outsource the company’s systems management.
Continuous gathering and analysis of the critical activity logs that have been generated by the customer’s security assets.
The S21sec’s team provides 24x7x365 protection and prevention against security incidents. Our full commitment facing security issues is supported by an intelligence scheme with a high-class team to prevent you from undesired incidents.
S21sec sees continuously the threats that might expose your company. Avoid threats with a 24x7x365 service guaranteed by the best experts, being the perfect protection for your business.

S21Sec ofrece exhaustivos servicios de protección frente a amenazas como fraude online, cybersquatting,
phishing, botnets o malware entre otros. Con altos porcentajes de detección y una protección avanzada, los
Advanced Cybersecurity Services de S21Sec son una apuesta segura frente a las más complejas técnicas del


Avanzados mecanismos para un estado óptimo de la seguridad: desde el análisis del código de las
aplicaciones (en busca de vulnerabilidades que puedan poner en peligro la integridad de los sistemas)
hasta el cumplimiento de los estándares de la compañía.


Gestión proactiva y continua frente a los riesgos: servicios orientados a la identificación, análisis y mitigación
de los efectos provocados por las amenazas. S21sec responde de manera ágil ante incidentes de seguridad
con un equipo dedicado al cien por cien a la protección tanto de dispositivos como de activos, empresas y

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