Strategy and Governance

Aligning cyber security to business vision, objectives and projects.

Strategy and Governance

S21sec helps organizations to align cyber security to their business vision, objectives and innovation projects.

By enhancing product integrity, customer experience, operations, regulatory compliance, brand reputation and investor confidence, amongst other benefits, we support organizations achieving high return on their cyber investments.


With more than 30 years of market presence, S21sec provides unmatched experience, insightful perspectives and a deep understanding of the industry-specific challenges customers address.

Board Advisory

S21sec helps C-level executives understanding the role of cybersecurity by providing actionable insights and guidance on how to protect businesses.


Our track record in diagnosing situations, defining strategies and planning investment help stakeholders reducing risk and enhance digital trust.

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S21sec helps organizations to define programs that cover cybersecurity governance, processes, technologies, staffing & expertise, metrics, culture change and crisis management.


Defining company’s processes,

organizations can improve their

business potential.

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S21sec assesses organization’s cybersecurity posture using the most adequate frameworks considering applicable regulatory requirements.


Goal is to empower decision making, ability to achieve and sustain compliance, and prepare for everything,
from “known knowns to unknown unknowns”.

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