The (not much) sensitivity of some

Yesterday we woke up with sad news about Patrick Swayze’s passing away. However, some people were already prepared for doing bussiness with this event. I am not talking about journalists trying to be the first to carry the report of actor’s death. Spamdexing begun from the moment of Mr. Swayze’s death, as indicated at F-Secure, showing that in addition to committing fraud, some people are not sensitive enough.
It seems that any method is useful… Each interesting news means an increase of a risk, mainly with rogueware attacks combined with Search Engine Optimization, as happened with Michael Jackson’s death, Obama’s election, 9/11 anniversary, and more recently with tennis star Serena Williams’ incident at US Open.
This kind of malware is currently positioned as an alternative to traditional spam, which doesn’t work really anymore. Time ago it was thought that all the data collected by profiles’ collectors would be useful, among other things, for getting better spam, customized for victims’ interests and in their own language. However, this is what I find in a spam account:
Just some usual spam about social awareness, such as saving the Amazon, but don’t be fooled, you can save the Amazon in many ways, as this one 😉
Miguel López-Negrete

S21sec labs

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