S21sec labs is leading the project Tourist Periscope with the aim of developing the technological solution that will help the tourist sector to detect the different market opportunities and to reduce the strategic decision taking risk by predicting tourist trends.
The Internet is a source of innumerable amounts of information, which often represents a threat for a company as it cannot manage this volume of information or it could mean a business opportunity hard to detect among so much data circulating through the Net.
The exponential increase of information in the tourist sector is translated into serious difficulties for tourist companies, institutions and administrations when managing, identifying and optimising the search for contents of interest for their business.
For this reason, S21sec and thanks to its experience in the development of open-source information classification, indexing and information search technologies, will create the application Tourist Periscope in its R&D centre in security S21sec labs and in cooperation with agents specialised in the tourist sector, from both the academic and corporate environments. This R&D project is framed within the INNPACTO projects of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The new IT platform will be oriented at the tourist sector and will be able to carry out an efficient information management and rationalisation according to the profile of the client and the purpose that is to be achieved. This new tool is able to carry out analysis of the tourist environment in a customised way and integrated with social networks, generating a Tourist Intelligence unit.
The purpose of Tourist Periscope is to provide companies in the tourist sector with a new user-friendly technological solution to detect the different market opportunities and to reduce the strategic decision taking risk by being ahead of tourist behaviour.

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PDF Security links, 2010: Analysis and Tools

After a year of incidents related to the Portable Document Format (PDF) it is good to look back and remember some of the most important ones. Listed below are some links to malicious and / or obfuscated PDF document analysis,…

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Analysis of malicious PDF files

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One world, one Internet

Although China recently has the biggest among of Internet users worldwide, the traffic is restricted by "The Great Firewall of China" [1] [2]. Basically it is a content filter based on a blacklist to prohibit access to various web sites.…

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Linux full system encryption

Truecrypt is a famous solution for encrypting hard disks, but the support for ciphering the system partition is restricted to Windows users. For Linux the most common method to do this is Luks. There are various HOWTO's on setting up…

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TrueCrypt 5.0 is out

After a long 9 months wait, TrueCrypt 5.0 was released yesterday. This major version upgrade (up from 4.3a) is mainly justified by the inclusion of a new feature which allows an entire system drive or partition helding a Windows OS…

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