According to a just completed study on banking malware activity during the first six months of the year, The veteran ZeuS and its version Citadel have been the ones preferred by cyber criminals, while ICE IX and Cridex seem to be focused on minority markets.

It should also be noted that the decrease of SpyEye is confirmed, which has been reduced to almost insignificant figures:

Fraud infographic malware

S21sec ecrime

Spitmo control panel

Last week, we analysed the behaviour of the mobile module used by Spyeye to redirect the victim’s SMSs to the attacker. We have now observed that a panel is used to receive the data collected by the malware, where all…

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SpyEye and Man in the Mobile

On the 2nd of September, the S21sec e-crime team detected a Spyeye sample actively using a MitMo type fraud scheme against Smartphones with the Android Operating System. The binary does show any noteworthy improvement, but the novelty lies in the…

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