SOC / CERT services

Proactive, continuous risk management: our services are based on the identification, analysis and mitigation of the effects caused by cyberthreats. S21sec gives a rapid response to security incidents with a team dedicated to protecting devices, assets, companies and their users.


The device monitoring service for security devices and crytical systems allows you to outsource the company’s systems management. Monitor the security of the company’s systems. S21sec gathers the incidents generated by different devices (firewalls, IPS, VPN concentrators, databases, web servers, etc) and compiles all data to provide excellent management.


Continuous gathering and analysis of the critical activity logs that have been generated by the customer’s security assets.
The Security and Event Management service gathers and analyses the customer’s critical activity logs. Devices, systems and applications generate an enormous amount of information and its storage is not the only process that needs to be done. S21sec identifies and manages those incidents compromising your company.


The S21sec’s Team provides 24x7x365 protection and prevention against security incidents. Our full commitment facing security issues is supported by an intelligence scheme with a high-class team to prevent you from undesired incidents.
 S21sec provides the most complete, innovating service against security incidents. The Red Team, the S21sec’s team in charge of solving secutiry issues is able to demonstrate a quality service and management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Entrust your company’s security to the experts.


S21sec sees continuously the threats that might expose your company. Avoid threats with a 24x7x365 service guaranteed by the best experts, being the perfect protection for your company. The Continous Vulnerability Tracking service provides a vision over all the relevant elements to obtain shorter response time when facing a security incident. Avoid cybercriminals exploiting known vulnerabilities with a continuous vision over the security scenario.

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