Security solutions integration

Today’s cyber security reality requires companies to continually evolve the tools that are leveraged to manage threats.

Threats are not only growing in number but in complexity too. In 2015, researchers detected a year-on-year increase in threats of 38%. Protection measures must be continuously evolved and companies must be prepared to evaluate and adopt the latest, most sophisticated techniques and technologies. S21sec provides integration services for next-generation cybersecurity solutions.
S21sec helps you choose the best security tools according to the needs of your company, reviewing current protection models.
S21sec adapts its solutions to your environment and defines the structure for optimal protection.
Our experts hold certifications from the leading product manufacturers and have extensive experience in their configuration, deployment and management.
Once the technological solution has been implemented, S21sec is able to offer its on going management support.
In 2015, there were 38 percent more security incidents detected than in 2014

Key Benefits


S21sec deploys next-generation cybersecurity solutions, including: Intrusion Prevention Systems, Anti-Malware Solutions, Next Generation Firewalls, WAG, Endpoint Protection Solutions, Data Loss Prevention Tools, etc.


S21sec reviews and validates existing security governance, process, infrastructure and team models, evaluating gaps against best practice and advises on how to improve your security posture.


Detect what is happening inside you company by integrating all devices that generate relevant security information. S21sec has a team of specialists that can advise on the deployment and management of the most important products, including S21sec’s proprietary technology.


Information security standards such as PCI-DSS require companies to adopt certain measures to comply with established parameters and practices. Lookwise, S21sec’s proprietary software, has been designed to meet these compliance needs and leverages over seven years of experience to bring your organization value.


S21sec uses its proprietary technology to provide you with a solution that has been designed specifically for the ATM environment. Our expert team supports the implementation of these solutions and will ensure that you are able to manage the solution autonomously, if preferred.

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