Security and event management

Continuous gathering and analysis of critical activity logs that have been generated by your security assets.

The Security and Event Management service gathers and analyzes your critical activity logs. Devices, systems and applications generate an enormous amount of information that S21sec is able to analyze in order to identify and manage those cyber incidents that are affecting your company.

S21sec has a continuous analysis process that allows you to identify the relevant incidents, as well as, to manage them.

S21sec correlates logs based on proprietary signatures and reviews them to meet the requirements regarding PCI-DSS.

S21sec identifies all the relevant incidents using different information sources and manages an event’s lifecycle.
S21sec links all your company’s incidents with the help of its cyber intelligence database to identify advanced security threats.


80% of incidents have a financial motive

Key Benefits


S21sec uses Minero BlackBox, a proprietary tool, which can be integrated with the corporate SIEM. It optimizes the incident gathering process and improves alert generation and response actions provided by S21sec’s SOC-CERT.


S21sec experts carry out transversal analysis and establish correlations to identify threats that conventional methods cannot find.


The Security and Event Management service delivers a monthly report with all the relevant information that you need. Our experts provide you with a brief description of the relevant registered activity, including a table with all the notified and un-notified events, as well as, an incident list ordered by priority and a Top 10 Assets list, detailing the origin IP and alert codes with the highest volume of incidents.

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