SAQplus by S21Sec is the definitive solution to make your PCI SAQ process easy and fast for your Points of Sale or Shops.

A guided and quick process that reduces the number of questions and requirements for any SAQ questionnaire.
In Spanish, English and Portuguese, with easy and adapted questions for any of your employees. Additionally, our Customer Support service will answer any of your questions on this topic.
We speak your language
A solution that provides all tools and official reports required to be PCI-DSS compliant year-on-year:

SAQ and AOC reports
Quarterly External Vulnerablity Scans

Supported by S21sec, a market leader in cybersecurity and PCI-DSS compliance, with more than 10 years of international experience, and official QSA and ASV PCI-DSS certifications.

SAQplus supports the following SAQ types

A different solution for each need

Suitable for Small, Medium and Large Businesses, as well as Banks or Service Providers

SAQplus Acquirer

For Banks, Acquirers and Service Providers

Allows customization of questionnaires presented to businesses

Includes a complete Dashboard for follow-up and monitoring of businesses’ complicance

Centralizes communication and PCI-DSS document interchange with businesses

Supports training and awareness regarding PCI-DSS

SAQplus Merchant

For Businesses of all sizes or Business Groups

Supports your business to successfully complete the PCI-DSS SAQ process

Includes Training and Awareness in PCI-DSS for employees that handle credit card data

With customer support in English by PCI-DSS experts remotelly (by phone or through the Ticketing portal) or in situ if required

S21Sec has developed SAQplus so that businesses can quickly and easily finalize the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaires.

  • Easy and guided web questionnaire

    The complex PCI-DSS questionnaires are the greatest adoption barrier for compliance. SAQplus presents an user-friendly process with simple questions.

  • PCI-DSS report repository

    Once completed the questionnaire, SAQplus automatically gnerates SAQ and AOC official reports, alongside the results from the Quarterly External Vulnerability Assessments

  • Training area

    Includes an area that provides PCI training to all employees that handle credit card data

  • Dashboard

    SAQplus provides a complete Dashboard from where to distribute and supervise the self-evaluation progress of all your merchants as well as accessing to all SAQ, AOC and Vulnerability Scans reports

  • Support from S21sec experts

    No matter the knowledge on has on PCI DSS, our Support team will be able to provide the type of support businesses require, both remotely or on-site depending on each needs

Benefits of using SAQplus

Reduces general businesses’ resistance to the standard SAQ Compliance process.

Eases and speeds up execution and follow-up of PCI regulation in businesses.

Reduces administrative and legal costs of implementing PCI DSS compliance processes.

Reduces legal, financial and operational risks due to cybersecurity incidents related to credit card data.

Reduces economic losses related to credit card data security incidents or breaches.

Improves businesses’s reputation

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