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Advanced mechanisms for an appropriate security status: from application code analysis (looking for vulnerabilities that might expose your company) to compliance with the standards.


Audit your company’s applications and detect vulnerabilities embedded

in source code to identify potential issues that could affect your company or your customers.


Evaluate your company’s security and find out its strength level with S21sec’s Specialized Hacking service, an integral service that enables you to better protect your business.
S21sec’s hacking experts work hard to find improvements for web and mobile applications, as well as, your company’s internal network and external access points. Our methodology involves the use of attack methods performed by real cyber criminals in order to truly stress test your company’s systems and infrastructure.


Inevitably, the constantly growing evolution and widespread use of the technology have lead to more notable signs of cybercrime. Accordingly, the compromise risk for your company’s activities has grown, too.

S21sec helps you to know and manage the risk as well as align your company’s staff, processes and technologies with the best security practices. Additionally, S21sec helps you to identify the legal requirements and certificate the management and performance inside your business.


Today’s cyber security reality requires companies to continually evolve the tools that are leveraged to manage threats.

Threats are not only growing in number but in complexity too. In 2015, researchers detected a year-on-year increase in threats of 38%. Protection measures must be continuously evolved and companies must be prepared to evaluate and adopt the latest, most sophisticated techniques and technologies. S21sec provides integration services for next-generation cybersecurity solutions.


 S21sec’s Academy has been dedicated to developing security professional for over 10 years. We offer a rich and varied training agenda for professionals spanning the security space.

By leveraging S21sec for your training needs, you tap into the experience and expertise of some of the best professionals in the industry.

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