People-centric Security

Your staff and customers are the most targeted assets of your organization. Protect them to the maximum.

People-Centric Security

S21sec supports organizations in complementing, or even departing from, conventional security strategies, emphasizing individual accountability and trust, and de-emphasizing restrictive, preventive security controls.

Through development of sound policies and principles, continuous education of users and monitoring of their behaviors, organizations gain a growing risk-aware culture that transforms employees in highly valued intelligent human-firewalls.

Awareness Programs

Systematically educating, and assessing, employees towards a risk-oriented posture is the most effective way of protecting any business from cyber threats and wrongful behaviors. S21sec has developed and implemented full-fledged awareness programs in organizations of all natures.

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Training and Education

Complementary to long-term, all-inclusive awareness programs, S21sec developed and runs technical training courses across pretty much all domains of cybersecurity. Both on-demand and pre-scheduled open calendar courses are possible.

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Social Engineering Assessments

Exploring the human-factor as hackers do is something we at S21sec excel at doing, from simple phishing exercises to complex, long-lasting multi-vector attack campaigns. Goal is identification of how your personnel is at risk and how their limitations can be addressed through focused education and compensating controls.

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