One world, one Internet

Although China recently has the biggest among of Internet users worldwide, the traffic is restricted by “The Great Firewall of China” [1] [2]. Basically it is a content filter based on a blacklist to prohibit access to various web sites. Regarding to recent news the access to the Internet – at least for international reporters at the Olympic Games – is still not unfettered like promised seven years ago.

The Chaos Computer Club in Germany recently has started another media campaign for fighting the Internet black holes and free access to the Internet for everybody. Therefore they released the “Freedom USB Stick“. It is an USB Memory Stick which contains the CCC version of the TOR-Browser for USB Sticks which can be downloaded here .
It is an easy-to-use solution which obfuscates web-traffic including the final destination – but only until the end of the TOR-Network! More information about the stick can be found here.

Clemens Kurtenbach
S21sec labs

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