New advances in the fight against SPAM

Good news in relation with the fight against on-line fraud. Looks like, at last, the time has arrived for domain registrars to start the first decisive steps against the black market of fake medicines and the like.

The regulation for domain name registration stipulates that the information provided to register a domain should be real, accurate and complete.

The lead has been taken by USA registrars. China stepped up efforts by preventing individuals from register a domain name ending with .cn unless they have a business license to prove they’re a bona fide company.

We all know the different uses than can be given to these domains.

Theses first measures could end up in spammers taking their websites out of the country. European registrars should be on the alert for cases like these. Indeed, spammers have been for a long time:

-Move your registrations to other countries that do not behave like they are have the only consumers on the internet. We moved registrations to several places, all outside USA, a year ago when we could see this coming.-
(post found in a forum for spammers)
This new advances in the fight against spam are taking shape in the enforcement of the registrars’ Terms of Service. This is a clear sign that the APWG recommendations have started to bear fruit. We all hope that these measures are applied with common sense, without harm to us users.

Remember: a scam is not done just by receiving an e-mail containing an “urban legend“, “funny video” or dozens of e-mail addresses clearly visible in the CC field. The real fraud only occurs when the spam recipient takes a step forward and gives money, information or access credentials, which unfortunately happens too often. The use of BCC should be more common.

Emilio Casbas
S21sec e-crime

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