Leisure in safety

Safety is a term that becomes more important each day. It is part of one of the inherent principles for the human being, wich is the principle of conservation of the species. This principle keeps humans alive and away from the constant dangers that the human could suffer and therefore, it is what allows the survival of the species along with reproduction. Security also can be applied to information and physical things.

Recently in this blog (in the spanish version) our fellows have written several posts showing some technology applications to road safety, we can consult them here: Seguridad Vial (Aitor Corchero) and Monitorizando automáticamente el tráfico (Eduardo Morrás). Actually, many companies are working on new preventive systems on mobility, traffic systems, pedestrians conduct analysis, intelligent braking system for vehicles, etc.

As a current example we want to show some recently developed by Volvo:

  • Driver Alert Control that analyzes the behavior of the driver and detects if the driver has fallen asleep.
  • Collision Avoidance by Auto Steering, which analyzes closer traffic in order to warn the driver and force the return to normal situation.
  • Emergency Lane Assist that prevents leaving the roadway.
  • City Safety that can avoid frontal impacts and alerts drivers of emergency braking situations.

New technologies have a great importance in vehicles, the reason is that we spend a large amount of time in our car and unfortunately too many people die each on the road.

Another example of the application of technology to a non-IT sectors and the reason of this post is the rumor that FAST will make use of Nintendo technology to carry out their preventive controls at airports against terrorism.

As discussed in the article, they have been thinking to use the Nintendo Wii Balance Board to capture people reactions and thus being able to detect anomalies. According to them, people with symptoms of nervousness or agitation, often balancing the body weight with more often than calm ones, which is what they would detect with the peripheral from Nintendo. However, there isn’t a secure system but this added to the current security measures, provides greater consistency in the global security systems.

The main problem is that while these tests can be done worldwide, there are people who don’t show these kind of attitude or people who bahaves that way normally.

On the other hand, the simple fact of traveling or conducting the test may generate situations of anxiety and stress. There are people that can perfectly control these settings and there may exists some persons who are depressed for other reasons. So to implement the system, it is necessary to reduce both false positives and false negatives.

Another problem to use the Wii Balance Board, there is the weight limitation aimposed by the manufacturer, This weight limitation generate a big security threat that can be used to avoid the security system. It would not be unusual to find “evil terrorists” who use weights to overload the Board or simply heavier “heartless villains”. In this case weight limitation should be corrected. While recalling the news a few years ago, it is possible that as a measure, we end up stripping at the airport without our knowledge

Juan Manuel Sanesteban
S21sec labs

Some sources and references: Aitor Corchero. Eduardo Morrás.

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