IPv6 Security (VI)

The last serie of posts about IPv6 gave an introduction to the new transport protocol, including some of its security aspects.

It was discussed why IPv6 is neccesary – why it is NOW neccesary to take hands on in order to be prepared for the future. But reality is far away from that.
A recently published report “INTERNET ADDRESSING: MEASURING DEPLOYMENT OF IPv6” made by the OECD confirms that the current progress of implementing IPv6 is not wide spread. Althought network devices like routers moslty support IPv6, costs to implement the new tecnology are not spend.

Its the typical deadlock. Administrators dont want to spend time and money implementing IPv6 into their structure becasue they say that there are no IPv6 applications. And application developers say that there is no infrastructure, why should i spend money developing applications. So i guess everybody waits until the day X, when there are really no IPv4 addresses available anymore.

But when will this be ? According to in 513 days!

Time to get prepared!

Clemens Kurtenbach
S21sec e-crime

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