Infrastructure and Data Protection

Data is the new oil. How is your organization protecting it?

Infrastructure and Data Protection

S21sec supports organizations in governing and deploying processes and tools that prevent and detect data breaches resulting from internal user activity or cyber attacks

Data is at the very core of modern organizations supporting most of their business processes. Protecting data is protecting the business. Period.


S21sec will help you understand:

  • how data is being processed in your organization;
  • what risks regarding its disclosure, appropriation, misuse or other unforeseen circumstances do exist; and
  • how to mitigate them using what appropriate controls.
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S21sec will support your organization in achieving and sustaining regulatory compliance regarding data protection, namely the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Data protection is not achievable just be educating people and applying administrative processes. A multitude of technological solutions is required for proper data protection and S21sec excels in industry-leading solutions focused on precisely that.

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