Incident response centre

S21sec’s team provides 24x7x365 protection and prevention against security incidents. We are fully committed to you in the face of security issues and will work with you to understand them, assess their impact and both define and action remedy strategies.

S21sec provides the most complete, innovative and proactive service against security incidents. Our Red Team, S21sec’s incident response capability, can demonstrate a top-end service and will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Entrust your company’s security to the experts.


S21sec uses tools developed specifically for security incidents and leverages a highly qualified team to carry out its work. This guarantees that incidents will be addressed and resolved in the shortest possible time.


Our team conducts exhaustive analysis of threats and incidents to find the fastest and most effective solution in order to reduce response times without compromising on quality.


Our team simulates a cyber attacker’s work when attempting to enter a customer’s systems to understand how vulnerable the current security posture is and how ready the organization is to deal with such activities.


With the objective of improving our customers’ resilience and response capability, S21sec assesses a company’s current security posture by stress testing it against several pre-defined scenarios..

75% of attacks are transferred from one victim to another in less than 24 hours. 40% of attacks compromise a second victim in less than an hour.

Key Benefits


S21sec’s SOC-CERT is part of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) and the TERENA European network. Collaboration and coordination between member organizations enables S21sec to obtain (and provide) the latest alerts for new threats, enabling improved detection and faster resolution.


S21sec’s work is backed by leading vendor technologies and solutions, by our own proprietary tools and by our expert teams.


S21sec’s expert team simulates a malicious attack, which would be enough to access a customer’s systems (protected systems, DMZ access, LAN and sensitive data theft). We ensure that our customers can learn from experience, without first having to experience a real attack from a malicious entity.


The exercises carried out by the Red Team are a great technique to protect the company. The simulation is a key tool for evaluating your organization’s levels of knowledge and awareness, the resilience of the procedures used and, ultimately, your company’s cyber security posture.

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