On August 13-16 2009 ‘Hacking at Random‘ will take place in Vierhouten near Amsterdam. It describes itself as the 20th anniversary edition of the four-yearly Dutch outdoor technology-conference.

Since 1989 the international community that builds the internet has been getting together on a series of conferences to discuss the state of contemporary technology, the future of it and the sociological and political consequences of their work.

So – like events from the Chaos Computer Club in Germany – HAR2009 is a conference where security is not only seen from the tecnical point of view. All aspects including affected areas will be enlightened during the four days. This includes talks about backbone security, DNSSEC, ‘Government and trust‘ or the undisclosed talk from Dan Kaminsky. The whole programm can be found here.

Last but not least – S21sec will be there to give a talk ‘The ZeuS evolution‘. See you there!

Clemens Kurtenbach
S21sec e-crime

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