HAR2009 (II)

This week at Thursday the doors will open for HAR2009.

Not only the program of the talks is very promising, but also the growing amount of self-organized workshops and projects seem to be lots of fun.

One can learn about microcontrollers and build a LED-Cube, get into reversing MacOS or just go for a talk in one of the various and also themed Villages.

If you want to test your skills, you should sign for the Kaminsky Challenge where you have to take over the DNS system in three levels. Or take part at Capture The Flag – a combat of different teams which try to hack the system of other participants in order to gain points and take over the leading flag.

To keep yourself up2date about whats going on @har2009 twitter will be a good choice.

See you there!

Clemens Kurtenbach
S21sec e-crime

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