Dridex, a year of online fraud

S21sec has played a key role in the effort to uncover the sophisticated Trojan, collaborating with international agencies such as the FBI, NCA, Spanish Guardia Civil and Europol.

Dridex malware is a Trojan with multiple functionalities. Its activity is mainly based on the theft of banking data from users through web sites or “web-injects”. However, it has also been used for other and less obvious purposes. For example, stealing documents in sensitive sectors such as government networks, hospital environments, universities, legal services, copyright management entities and aeronautical companies.

With 195 countries affected and over 344,721 infected computers, based on data collected by S21sec, Dridex has focused mainly on UK (circa 115,000 infections), France (over 62,000 infections), U.S. (about 25,000 infections) and, latterly, Spain (just under 6,000 infections).

More information in the following infographic:

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