Cyber Security Operations

Efficiency and efficacy while protecting your business

S21sec supports organizations in streamlining maintenance of security controls, improving detection of threats and policy violations, and cyber incident handling.

Independently of location and ownership of SIEM and other technologies, S21sec is able to support the creation and operation of risk-driven security operation centers.

Configuration Management

Adoption of a configuration management practice reduces risk of outages and security breaches through visibility and tracking of the changes to your systems. Due to its extensive technical team and, notably, to its experience and knowledge, S21sec is able to provide such service for large infrastructures with assets of multiple natures and vendors.

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Detection & Response

Sophisticated attacks are able to circumvent some security controls and, therefore, relatively invisible to network-level monitoring solutions. MDR services focus on monitoring your computer systems at all times, detecting and neutralizing potential threats before they become a big problem.

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Setting up and exploring a security incident and event monitoring service is costly and requires expertise throughout its entire lifecycle. S21sec is able to provide a streamlined service fully sourcing technology and staff, delivering results supported by tested processes and methodologies.

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