Cybercrime generated an estimate of at least $1.5 trillion in 2018

Web of Profit report – Dr. Michael McGuire, enior Lecturer

in Criminology at the University of Surrey

If 2017 was an extraordinary year for cybersecurity, 2018 was even more remarkable. Not necessarily for just good reasons.


As in similar years, such growth in cybercrime gained visibility with the occurrence and/or confirmation of large-scale incidents with very high media impact (Under Armour breach of data from 150 million users, VPNFilter botnet of more than 500.000 routers worldwide, coordinated massive intellectual property theft from 300 universi-ties, all in the first half of the year, are mere examples).


2018 was also a year with strong evidences of both criminals and defenders consolida-ting techniques (machine learning, predictive algorithms, etc.) and consequently crea-ting innovative TTPs and solutions & products, respectively.


Regarding market economics, the high number of transactions is a clear sign of the relevance of cybersecurity in C-Level mindsets. Consolidation of the sector is a clear trend with a large stream of startups being created to feed it up.


We believe in S21sec that 2019 will surpass 2018 regarding cybercrime growth, market dynamics, technological advances and services delivery models.


Every year-end, S21sec wraps up the opinion of its team of experts spread across all its offices and produces a Cyber Prediction report, alongside recommendations that the various economic agents can consider on a case-by-case basis.


The report is organized in domains and, within each domain, a quick summary of the recent past and a lineup of justified and insightful predictions for 2019 and beyond.For convenience, predictions are signaled as referring to its geographical relevance (just Europe or global) and nature (technical or managerial).




Our goal is that organizations, as well as common citizens, can anticipate what is to come and be able to address threats and take advantage of opportunities.