Collaboration for a More Secure Europe

I hope by the time you are reading this blog post you will have already heard about the European Cyber Security Group for those of you that have not read about this new alliance let me give you a very quick overview. The European Cyber Security Group (ECSG) is Europe’s largest independent cyber defence force, created to address the growing threats to Europe’s cyber security.

  1. Leverages the expertise of 600+ experts in cyber security
  2. Has on the ground experience supporting 2,000 unique government and industry clients
  3. Delivers seamless cooperation across member companies for agile and customized emergency response
  4. Is an objective advocate and policy advisor on cyber crime risk, prevention, mitigation and effective cross-border cooperation

The Numbers:

  • Combined turnover approx 61 million Euros
  • 2000 unique clients covering the globe
  • Besides various governments we have clients in all major industry verticals, Finance, Manufacturing, Banking, Retail, Transport and Pharma.

S21sec was one of the founding members of this dynamic collection of cyber security companies who have come together to pool not only their expertise but also resources in the fight against cyber crime. The members are as follows:

I am sure the immediate question that may come to the readers mind is why now. The reasons are many and perhaps to intricate to go into at great length in this blog. This is a conversation we are going to engage with as we meet leaders both from the private and public sectors. I would encourage existing and potential customers to both contact me directly for further information on the goals the alliance has set itself.

I personally believe that creation of this new alliance is going to drive forward significant enhancements in the manner in which we deliver our services. One of the most exciting challenges that await us is the wealth of data that we have between us. You could use the expression (big data) and I think it would be most apt in this instance. This rich seem of intelligence and threat information will take some time to get through but once we have completed

This task it will provide the alliance with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of what is happening out there in the underground economy. The very first service that the alliance will be lunching is the Incident Response Team (IRT). Our goal in setting this team up was to create the largest and technically one of the most sophisticated IRT´s in the world that could respond to any type of breach taking place anywhere in the world. By tackling CERT engagements collaboratively,

ECSG offers the most comprehensive and rapid services for corporate and government clients. Members work independently, and can draw from additional and specialized resources from their ECSG partners where and when needed. Relying on this added strength in depth ensures successful CERT engagements of any scale. The ECSG will additionally collaborate with the governments of individual countries, as well as the European Union, to advise on best practices and assist on cyber security engagements where necessary to ensure speedy mitigation of security issues.

Finally, ECSG will also lobby local and EU lawmakers to enact legislation to ease the cross-border information sharing and cooperation that will ultimately lead to a more secure Europe. From a personal perspective I am very excited that S21sec will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented teams in Europe in order to tackle the issue of cyber crime. I would once like to encourage all readers of our blog to engage with me to learn more about the work of the ECSG and how we may be able to assist you in tackling the cyber security problems you face. I would also like to encourage you to spread the word for we open to speaking with any institution or organisation no matter where it is located in the world. This does feel the like the dawn of new and exciting journey and we would like you all to be part of it.

Nahim Fazal
Cybercrime and Fraud SME S21sec

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