August 10, 2017. Android LokiBot

New Android Malware on the wild

The number of cyberthreats appearing every day is huge, making it impossible to process and analyze each one manually. Using state-of-the-art technology, S21sec processes dozens of thousands of malware automatically every day and, when identified as relevant or that a specific entity or sector of interest is being targeted, experienced analysts get into action and apply all their knowledge into studying, reverse engineering, effectively dissecting even the most advanced ones, and getting actionable insights on how they operate, what they target and pretty much everything else about them.
S21sec experts have just uncovered a new threat to smart devices, namely a previously unknown family of malware targeting Android devices. Although it is operatated under the name of Lokibot, this malware has no similarities, nor is based, on the Lokibot malware widely spread on the Internet.
Amongst other features, and besides stealing credit card information, this malware injects code, effectively affecting communications and all trust relationship between the infected device and the banking mobile systems for certain entities in several countries, mainly Europe.
An in-depth analysis of the malware was prepared and documented by S21sec and made available to all parties that demonstrate interest, effectively showcasing the spirit of collaboration and contribution to the community that guides the activity of the company and of its entire staff.
The report can be downloaded from S21sec website by all interested parties.
S21sec is a leading pure-play cybersecurity company with more than 16 years of experience, with offices in Europe and Latin America and with more than 250 experienced people on board.
Believing in the pervasive, rapidly evolving and increasingly complex nature of cyber criminality, S21sec delivers comprehensive managed cybersecurity services to companies of all sizes and natures, supported on highly specialized staff and state-of-the-art technology including proprietary tools and analysis techniques.

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