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 S21sec’s Academy has been dedicated to developing security professional for over 10 years. We offer a rich and varied training agenda for professionals spanning the security space.

By leveraging S21sec for your training needs, you tap into the experience and expertise of some of the best professionals in the industry.


Our online training is fully adapted to your availability. You can conduct follow-up courses, as well as, see your evaluations.


Technical security courses with a wide range of subjects that take place at our customers’ facilities.


Strategies for raising awareness of the risks that companies face today are backed up by insights into best practices and plenty of case studies.


With face-to-face courses and on-line support, the Masters in security, which S21sec collaborates with the Next International Business School to deliver, uses plenty of practical methods.

Employee training is a top investment priority for prevention of cyberthreats

Key Benefits


Online courses are available at your convenience. Once participants have enrolled the course is accessible through S21sec’s online platform. The course includes a test of the knowledge that has been acquired by the end of the course as well as the participants’ final score. We offer a wide range of subjects, including: auditing and pentesting, perimeter security, compliance, etc.


These courses take place at our customers’ facilities. We offer a rich array of courses, including the ones in the online catalogue. We are also able to offer highly customized courses based on customer specifications.


Being aware of the relevance of cybersecurity is the first tool we have to be protected. S21sec provides awareness training based on best practices and case studies in order to deliver recommendations for a more efficient protection. This training is available both online and in-house and can be delivered for technical, executive and general employee audiences.


The Masters in Security that we provide has been designed in collaboration with Next International Business School, an institution of higher learning that specializes in training for innovation-oriented industries. The Masters is mainly practical; it has been designed to be done in-person. Participants will create labs to apply knowledge acquired during classes. The Campus Online tool, S21sec’s e-learning platform, complements the overall learning experience.

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