CCC presents the 25c3

Since 1984, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Germany presents every year the Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin.

The CCC describes itself as “a galactic community of life’s beings, independent of age, sex, race or societal orientation, which strives across borders for freedom of information”.

In Germany they got famous mainly with their “BTX-Hack” in 1984. BTX was an interactive videotext system which used telephone lines for data transfer and a television set to display the content. The CCC got into the press because they found a weakness in the BTX system which allowed them to transfer about 60.000EUR from a German bank to the account of the CCC. [more]

Nowadays one reads mostly about their political actions like the fight against electronic health cards , but also about stuff like turning the frontage of an office building into a huge screen where you can play pong with your mobile phone. [more]

The CCC organises also different events like the Chaos Communication Camp or the yearly Chaos Communications Congress.

The congress this year will take place from the 27th to the 30th of December in the Berlin Congress Center. Although it is not a conference dedicated to security, the schedule this year really holds some interesting topics like:

.. and many more. Videos from speeches of the last years can be found here.

See you in Berlin!

Clemens Kurtenbach
S21sec ecrime

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